Projects - LED Lamps with high output, IP55, acid resistant, Industrial Use

Project Brief: Design and Develop a range of LED lamps for industrial and commercial use. The lamps need to be IP55 lens and body waterproof; resistant to acid and alkaline environments; high light output; energy efficient; long life above 50,000 hrs to L70; and of robust construction. To achieve these demanding requirements it was vital to reduce Tj temperature below 70℃. An advanced PCB board with high transfer properties was sourced and a new design of heat sink was developed. This kept Tj temperatures below 70℃ and testing showed that the lifecycle of the lamps had been extended by 40%; giving the lamps a projected life of 90,000 hours to L70. The lamp body and heat sink were coated with a new paint resin that produced exceptional resistance to all forms of acid and alkaline environments.
The lens were especially designed to shift the light output to the red spectrum, which although imperceptible to humans, helps poultry and other animals to flourish in buildings and sheds. Although these lamps are of a much higher specification than other LED lamps, the cost is similar.
Target Market: LED lamp Users, industrial, Commercial and Agricultural use, Building renovations.
Market Distribution: Customer own channel
Project Date: 2012.