About Us
Since 2005, Alpha Emptor (AE) has continued to grow into a highly successful and respected innovator of unique designed products. AE provides a total service operation from design concept through to production and manufacture. Our portfolio includes electrical, electronic and medical products for industrial, Commercial, Consumer and Medical use.

We add value by improving the success of product innovation. We do this through an intelligent approach to design, based on the transparent management of risk, informed decision making, true integration of disciplines and rigorous development processes.

We believe that the outstanding commercial success of the products we help create is dependent ultimately on delivering exceptional value to your customer.

We provide the right blend of strategic thinking and pragmatism to deliver your project successfully.

We balance the creativity and the technical discipline needed to achieve commercially successful product innovation.

Every client is unique. To support you, we need to understand you, your place in the market and your ambitions thoroughly. Then we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

AE is an independently owned full service product design and development company operating globally from our headquarters in Shenzhen, PRC.

AE’s Directors work together with an exceptional senior management team consisting of Strategic Managers, Sector Managers and Skill Leaders to refine our service offer continuously and assist our clients in delivering highly effective product design to their customers.

AE is accredited to ISO 9001:2008

AE is a collection of extraordinary individuals. Intelligent, creative, flexible and thorough, our people make the difference to your projects.

They combine to create a vibrant fusion of disciplines including designers, mechanical engineers, electronics hardware and software engineers, strategists, social scientists, ergonomists, project managers and prototype technicians.

Each person is an expert in their own field, but has the curiosity, understanding and flexibility to reach across traditional inter-disciplinary boundaries. Our organisational structures and team culture encourage this synergistic blending and integration of specialist skills.

So you benefit not only from each individual's depth of knowledge and experience but also from a team whose combined strength exceeds the sum of its individual members’ expertise.